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Staff of Department constantly updates the lectures materials and practical classes, prepare methodical instructions for practical classes. There are introduced new methods of learning and control of students knowledge.

Professor S.N. Vadzyuk prelects the lecture on the physiology of blood circulation (2016)

In accordance with the principles of practical-oriented teaching at the department created 6 thematic cycle laboratories, which are equipped with modern equipment, which makes possible evaluation the functional conditions of organs and body systems: functional diagnostics nervous and endocrine systems; functional diagnostics of blood system; functional diagnostics of the blood circulation; functional diagnostics of the respiratory system; functional diagnostics of digestion and excretion; functional diagnostics of sensory systems.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the nervous and endocrine system

In the laboratory of functional diagnostics of the nervous and endocrine systems research functions of cerebral cortex, using complex computer electroencephalographic production, carry out research of study the reflexes, performed the experimental work on the influence of the autonomic nervous system and humoral factors on body functions.

Registration of the electroencephalogram (2016) Investigation of Reflexes (2016)

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the sensory systems

In the laboratory of functional diagnostics in the learning process is used keratorefraktometr URK -700 to evaluate the state of the cornea of ​​the eye and optical media. To determine the vision fields use computer analyzer "Perytest-300". To measure the intraocular pressure is applied contactless digital display. Also, students are able to study the state of the optic fundus via ophthalmoscope.

Measurement of intraocular pressure with the help of a contactless digital indicator (2016)

Investigation of the condition of the cornea and optical media of the eye using the autorefractometer / keratorefractometer URK-700 (2016)

Evaluation of the auditory sensory system using the ultrasound echo-testers Ehottest 02 (2016)

Definition of field of view using field-view analyzer Peritest - 300 (2016)

For mastering skills of correction myopia and hypermetropia use a set of test ocular lenses for vision correction. To assess the function of the auditory sensory system during practical classes in addition to analog audiotesters applies modern ultrasonic echotester. Condition of the vestibular apparatus studied by means of functional tests using the Barany chair. Also, the laboratory is equipped with tools and computer programs for the psycho-physiological diagnostics.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the blood system system

In the laboratory for practical classes use binocular microscopes, equipment with illumination system. Work with microscopes is conducted each student, individually controlled by the teacher. For the best mastering skills of micropreparations research applied videofixation micropreparations with image on the monitor.

Blood stroke studies (2015)

This laboratory is also equipped with pH-meters, centrifuges, devices Panchenkov’s apparatus, Goryaev’s cameras, allowing each student to define indexes hematocrit, hemoglobin, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, pH of plasma and blood cells and count the number of blood cells.

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the blood circulation system

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the blood circulation system is provided three electrocardiographs "Yukard-200", which in addition to the registration of electrocardiograms enable transmit ECG to diagnostic center in the regional hospital using GSM-channel and two computer electrocardiographic complexes with the program "Polispektr +".

Also, students learn the method of analysis of normal electrocardiograms. To study the mechanisms of heart regulation are used computer systems for the mathematical analysis of heart rate. Assessment of central and peripheral hemodynamics conducted by computer rheographic complex "REOCOM". During practical classes students learn methods of blood pressure measuring, pulse assessment, auscultation of the heart.

Conducting mathematical analysis of cardiac rhythm using the Electrocardiogram Complex "Spectrum +" (2016)

ECG Registration with Electrococardiograph Yukard -200 (2016)

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the respiratory system

There are present modern digital spirographs in this laboratory, that allow you to receive and evaluate a large amount of functional parameters of respiratory system.

Conducting spirography using the microprocessor spirograph SMP-21/01"R-D"(2016)

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the digestive and excretion systems

Laboratory of functional diagnostics of the digestive and excretion systems is equipped with modern digital pH-meters and phantoms, that gives the possibility for students to do pH-measuring of stomach acidity, modulating and study mechanisms of regulation of acid-productive function of the stomach.

For each thematic laboratory assigned a teacher, who took courses in learning to work with modern equipment in educational institutions and clinical sites and received a certificate. Such organization of educational process allows more efficient use of equipment, contributes to its preservation and proper maintenance.

Conducting PH-metrics of the stomach on phantom (2018)

Each room is equipped with educational video systems with LCD-monitors, computers, which are connected to the Internet, that enables the use in the learning process videos of research methodologies, animation models and tables. The department established a base virtual laboratories, with which you can spend most experimental studies, provided the curriculum. Students in these laboratories reviewing the progress of the experiment, doing research, studying the effect of certain substances on the activity of the heart, vascular tone, change the frequency and depth of breathing, secretion of gastric glands, and so on. Also created video catalog of the major experimental works.

During the seminar is holding questioning of students, analysis of situational problems, spirogram analysis, electrocardiograms, rheogram, EEG and others.

Web-page of physiology department in the university network «Intranet» contains materials to prepare students for practical classes and lectures, lectures presentations, training videos, tables and charts. Currently, for students of the Nursing Institute (distance learning) created audiovisual lectures. This approach leads to conditions effect the presence of the lecturer during lectures, which promotes better mastering the materials. Also, for more optimal organization of educational process on the Web-page of Department present a working program on discipline, thematic plan of practical classes, lectures and independent extracurricular work of students, schedules of teachers duty, list of practical skills. This information is submitted in Ukrainian, English and Russian and is constantly updated and supplemented.